H.Menezes at the International Conference “Play in the Open Space”, in Belgrade

Organized by the Serbian Association of Landscape Architects  21st and 22nd March, in Belgrade, Serbia.

Helena Menezes is going to participate in the International Conference “Play in the open space”, in  Belgrade, Serbia, organized and promoted by the Serbian Association of Landscape Architects.

The participation of H.Menezes Risk Vision will happen in 3 different moments:

  • First day: a 45-minute lecture on Risk-benefit assessment in play areas
  • Second day: 2 workshops on:
    –  design of play areas and the use of standards
    –  inspection and maintenance of playgrounds

The second day has the support of ANEC, the Voice of European Consumers in Standardisation, as these workshops will be an opportunity for training of  local professionals on the use of European playground standards for safer and more challenging play areas.

The Conference program includes the participation of the National Consumer Organisation of Serbia (NOPS), a member of ANEC, alongside other speakers from Serbia, Estonia, Slovenia and Czech Republic.


Besides the support from ANEC, this event is also supported by the Serbian Ministry of Economy, the Faculty of Forestry, the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, the Centre for the Prevention of Accidents (CSN) and the Croatian and Slovenian Associations of Landscape Architects.

For more information and registration check the website of the Serbian Association of Landscape Architects – UPAS or use the following email: upas.skup@gmail.com

ANEC Meeting on Child Safety, in Brussels

Helena Menezes is going to attend the annual meeting of the ANEC Child Safety Working group, in Brussels, on the 13th and 14th March. The agenda includes topics such as toys, child care articles and playground and other recreational equipment, including trampoline parks.

ANEC  is the European consumer voice in standardisation. Helena Menezes represents ANEC in CEN Technical Committee on playgrounds, since 2000 and is a member of this ANEC Child Safety working group since 1995 (at first, representing APSI, the Portuguese association for Child safety promotion, and for the last 8 years as an expert on risk assessment and child safety, representing H.Menezes Risk Vision)

SAFERPLAY – workshop in Alicante with more than 100 people attending

The last dissemination event before the online launching of the SAFERPLAY open course took place in Alicante, at AIJU headquarters on the 15th February.

This European Workshop: “PRESENT AND FUTURE IN THE DESIGN OF SAFER AND CHALLENGING PLAY AREAS” gathered more than 100 professionals, who contributed with their interest and enthusiasm to lively debates and a successful working day.

The program included lectures from several Saferplay partners: Spain (AIJU and University of Alicante), United Kingdom (Play England), Czech Republic (CTU – University of Prague) and Portugal (H.Menezes Risk Vision)

Helena Menezes was one of the speakers, with a presentation on

“Standards as a tool for risk management in play areas”

She highlighted the importance of risk-benefit assessment to respect children’s needs for free and creative play; she also stressed the role of standards as risk criteria when checking structural safety of play areas and equipment in order to consider those needs, and drew attention to some changes introduced by the new European playground standards, that will be enforced in October 2018.

Most of the topics presented will be part of the contents of SAFERPLAY – the online open course, that will soon be available. If you have not yet registered, you can do it here: www.saferplay.eu