Training on playgrounds and other recreational areas in Prague

Helena Menezes will deliver Professional Training on

Playground equipment and surfacing, Parkour equipment, Skate and Fitness parks:


  • Risk Benefit Assessment and Inspection

For SOTKVO, the Czech Association of inspectors, manufacturers and other play and sports professionals, on the 29th, 30th and 31st October in Prague.

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This will be the 6th time that H.Menezes RiskVision is invited by SOTKVO, since 2013.

Professional training for SOTKVO members, in November 2017 (Prague)

RiskVision in Prague: Architecture to Children

Helena Menezes is one of the guest speakers at the Conference, organized by the Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University as part of the Architecture to Children conferences.

  • Architects, Landscape Architects and Designers
  • Play Equipment Manufacturers
  • Certifiers, Inspectors and Maintainers
  • Public and private administration
  • City Architects
  • Play workers, Educators and School Principals

Helena Menezes participates in this conference also as an expert representing ANEC, the European Consumer Voice in Standardization.

SAFERPLAY: Free online course available

SAFERPLAY online course is now freely open to the public in 6 languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Czech, Croatian and German.

This course is the result of a project funded by the EC program Erasmus+; H.Menezes RiskVision is the Portuguese partner.


Design, Inspection and Maintenance of safer and challenging play spaces

 The contents cover the basics for the design of play areas that respect children’s needs for a healthy development. They cover the participatory process, playing in natural environments and the use of green elements when designing for play, risk benefit assessment that considers a good balance between play value and safety, and it contributes for a better understanding of acceptable and necessary risks during play.


Training team:

Helena Menezes is one of the trainers, as an expert in the field, namely on inclusion and risk assessment in play spaces for children and young people. She demonstrates how European playground Standards can be a useful tool for risk management when designing play spaces, throughout their whole life cycle, from pre-design stage until post-occupancy, allowing for free and challenging play in inclusive and safer environments.

Learn more about the trainers here.

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