SAFERPLAY workshop in Croatia

The 3rd SAFERPLAY public workshop took place in Vinkovci, Croatia, on the 9th November.

H.Menezes Risk Vision participation

Helena Menezes was one of the speakers with a presentation:

Outdoor wooden play equipment: opportunities and challenges for risk management


The event was organized by HRAST, SAFERPLAY Croatian partner, and at least one representative of each member of the consortium was present.

A total of 62 people attended the event, with 55 local participants and 7 foreign participants (mainly from Serbia but also from Bosnia and Nigeria).

The Croatian TV Station VKTV covered the event which included an interview with Helena Menezes.

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SAFERPLAY workshop and coordination meeting in Croatia

The 3rd SAFERPLAY workshop, will take place on the 9th November in Vinkovci, Croatia, hosted by the Saferplay Croatian partner, HRAST.

The main topic of this multiplier event will focus on the use of wood as a material for playground equipment and surfacing.

H.Menezes RiskVision participation

Helena Menezes will introduce the following subject:

  • Outdoor wooden play equipment: opportunities and challenges for risk management.

Attendance is free and anyone interested is welcome, as long as registration is sent to AIJU.

Check the programme and register for free.

The 6th coordination meeting of the Saferplay partners will take place in the same date.