RiskVision in Prague: Architecture to Children

Helena Menezes is one of the guest speakers at the Conference, organized by the Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University as part of the Architecture to Children conferences.

  • Architects, Landscape Architects and Designers
  • Play Equipment Manufacturers
  • Certifiers, Inspectors and Maintainers
  • Public and private administration
  • City Architects
  • Play workers, Educators and School Principals

Helena Menezes participates in this conference also as an expert representing ANEC, the European Consumer Voice in Standardization.

H.Menezes at the International Conference “Play in the Open Space”, in Belgrade

Organized by the Serbian Association of Landscape Architects  21st and 22nd March, in Belgrade, Serbia.

Helena Menezes is going to participate in the International Conference “Play in the open space”, in  Belgrade, Serbia, organized and promoted by the Serbian Association of Landscape Architects.

The participation of H.Menezes Risk Vision will happen in 3 different moments:

  • First day: a 45-minute lecture on Risk-benefit assessment in play areas
  • Second day: 2 workshops on:
    –  design of play areas and the use of standards
    –  inspection and maintenance of playgrounds

The second day has the support of ANEC, the Voice of European Consumers in Standardisation, as these workshops will be an opportunity for training of  local professionals on the use of European playground standards for safer and more challenging play areas.

The Conference program includes the participation of the National Consumer Organisation of Serbia (NOPS), a member of ANEC, alongside other speakers from Serbia, Estonia, Slovenia and Czech Republic.


Besides the support from ANEC, this event is also supported by the Serbian Ministry of Economy, the Faculty of Forestry, the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, the Centre for the Prevention of Accidents (CSN) and the Croatian and Slovenian Associations of Landscape Architects.

For more information and registration check the website of the Serbian Association of Landscape Architects – UPAS or use the following email: upas.skup@gmail.com

H.Menezes RiskVision training in Prague

Training for SOTKVO

Helena Menezes will be teaching in Prague, for two days in November, in a professional training session for the members of the Czech Association of inspectors, manufacturers and other play and sports professionals, SOTKVO.

Since 2013, this will be the 5th time that Helena is invited by SOTKVO for a particular type of training including a strong consultancy aspect as participant members can previously send real cases for analysis and study; in one of the last 2-day sessions, more than 120 situations were presented and grouped by topics for discussion.

The program this year includes:

  •  changes in the new Playground European standards
  •  outdoor fitness equipment
  •  skate parks
  • practical exercises on risk-benefit assessment  and decisions on risk level classification and acceptable risk (using the situations presented by participants)
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